Hop products

Pressed Cone Hops

 we deliver Czech hop varieties as leaf hops in 60 kg bales and also1 kg vacuum packs based on order before harvest. We can deliver US and German hop varieties as leaf in 4.5 respectively 5 kg vacuum packs which protects perfectly hops from oxidation and loss of alpha acids 

Hop Extract CO2 

we deliver CO2 hop extracts produced from German hop varieties Magnum, Taurus and Herkules packaged either as 300 or 500 grams of pure alpha acid per can, 6 kg alpha or 10 kg alpha per carton 

Hop Extract Tetra-Iso 10 %

is used mainly for bitterness adjustment / 1 liter per 100 hl = 7 BU / and foam stability. We recommend dosing after fermentation before final filtration. We supply 20 liter, 5 liter and 1 liter plastic pails   

Hop Extract Iso- 30%

is used mainly for dosing bitterness after fermentation / 1 litr per 100 hl = 21 BU / into finished beer. We recommend dosing after fermentation before final filtration We supply 5 liter plastic pails

Hop Oil Extract  

is used to enhance typical hoppy aroma. Hop Oil Extract contains 25-30 times more hop oils than cone hop or hop pellets from typical aroma hop variety. We recommend dosage of 1.0 kg / 100 hl at the very end of the kettle boiling or in whirlpool. We supply 0.50 kg cans