Pure hop oils


Pure hop oils are prepared from leaf hops by specific extraction and distillation methods. They consist of original hop oil compounds in an aqueous propylene glycol solution. Propylene glycol is a permitted carrier for flavors as per regulation 2006/52/EC. Is means pure hop oils are natural products.


Pure hop oils are 100 % soluble in beer and they offer an alternative means of adding hop aroma to beers which is normally added in the brewhouse or postfermentation as dry hopping.

Pure hop oils are available as classics in following forms: citrusy, floral and super floral, sylvan, spicy and herbal

Pure hop oils can also be supplied from a specific variety; following varieties are available as pure hop oils: Cascade, Golding, Styrian Golding, Saaz, Citra, Lublin, Chinook, Columbus, Willamette, H. Tradition, Perle, Hersbrucker and Herkules

Use and dosage: 

Pure hop oils are soluble in beer and are intended for addition to fined or filtered beers. Pure hop oils usage rate vary between 5-10 ml/1 hl of beer according to the desired intensity of aroma. Laboratory scale trials are recommended to determine desired concentration. Pure hop oils may be added directly before or after final filtration by injection into a beer stream or to a bright beer tank.

Packaging and storage: 

Pure hop oils are available in 1 l aluminium flasks. Also 5 ml samples are available for trials. Store at 0-20 °C, use immediately after opening