Incognito is a new flowable variety - specific hop extract that provides enhanced hop flavor to beer while reducing kettle or whirlpool hop pellets use. Incognito is designed for addition to the whirlpool to achieve the best impact of flavor and aroma.

Incognito has dark amber to yellow colour, alpha acids content based on variety is 40-55 % w/w HPLC, hop oil content based on variety is 8-15 ml/100 grams.

Incognito is currently available in these hop varieties: Citra, Ekuanot, Mosaic and Sabro

Usage and dosing: 

It is recommended to use Incognito directly to whirlpool in a rate of 50-200 grams per 1 hl based on beer type and desired effect. To ensure optimal flowability product may need to be warmed to room temperature from cold storage, shake before use.

25 IBU will be achieved when using 50 grams of Incognito per 1 hl with 50 % alpha content

Storage and packaging: 

Incognito is available in 2 kg plastic pails. Store at 0-5°C, once the container is opened, the product should be used within 2 weeks if the package is re-closed and refrigerated.