New products


Since November 2019 we offer New Zealand varieties Kohatu and Moutere. Especially Moutere with a high content of alpha acids and a unique aroma profile of tropical fruit with a distinct touch of maracuja is an interesting choice for top-fermented and sour beers.
We also expanded our malt portfolio with rye malt and oat flakes.

Since July we offer a package of 5 x 10 g of Lactobacillum plantarum (Wildbrew Sour Pitch) for sour beers. One package of 10 grams can be used exactly for 1 hl of beer.

Three new hop varieties from the USA are availible since May this year, namely Cashmere with fruity aroma and touch of coconut, secondly Mount Hood with a similiar aroma profile as German hop variety Hallertau Mittlerüh and lastly experimental breeding material marked as Exp. 07270 which has a high hop oil and alfa acid content with spicy and...

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