Newsletter april 2024


- New dry yeasts by WhiteLabs and Lallemand

- HopHaze and AVB Alfa acetolate decarboxylase

- Hops on sale - Nugget and Agnus

- Hop blends from New Zeland

New dry yeast by White Labs and Lallemand: in collaboration between two world leaders,

Lallemand started to produce yeast by White Labs in dry from, London Fog and California,

we have both in stock, one pack at EUR 171 / 0,5kg.

HopHaze and ABV Alfa acetolate decarboxylase / ALDC /: HopHaze, new brewing solutions

designed to crate stable haze in beers. It is 100 % natural hop derived product added to beers post

fermentation. Enzyme ALDC is preventing the formation of diacetyl for

bottom-fermented beers. Both products are available, HopHaze in pack of 1L at EUR 33

and ALDC in pack of 1L at EUR 213.

Hops on sale Nugget and Agnus: from hopharvest 2022 we are offering on sale US Nugget,

alpha 15.20%, EUR 21 / kg, excellent for a dose of basic bitterness in beers. Also Czech variety

Agnus with alpha 8.40%, at EUR 9.3 / kg pellets, which is used, for example, by a brewery

Budvar for their Budvar 33 lager. Prices are ex warehouse without VAT

Hop blends from New Zeland: we have now in stoc hop blends from crop 2023 from New Zeland

for EUR at 38/kg of granules here:

Turkey Pick, blend from NZ produced in ration of 33 % Motueka + 34 % Riwaka + 33 %

Moutere. It has a unique intense aroma of tropical fruits and citrus. Alpha acids 15-16 %,

beta acids 7-8 %, hop oils 1.5 ml/ 100 gram

Revolution Blend, blend from NZ produced from Nelson Sauvin 50 % + Motueka 20 % +

Pacific Sunrise 20 % + Riwaka 10 % created with a help of some local brewers.

Alpha acids 11-12 %, beta acids 6 %, hop oils 2.2 ml/ 100 gram

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