Czech harvest results 2019


Despite the weather fluctuation, 2019 hop harvest in the Czech Republic was above average.

According to UKZUZ (Central Agricultural Control Institute), a total of 7 145 tonnes of dry hops were harvested from 2019 harvest on the area of ​​5 003 ha, Saaz - 5 474 t, Sládek - 832 t, Premiant 377 t, Saaz late 102 t, Kazbek - 92 t, Agnus - 136 t of dry hops.

In terms of alpha acid content, there were considerable differences between the production areas. Saaz was 3.4 % in average, Sládek 5.4 % and Premiant 7.1 % alpha acid content in average.

We, as Brelex managed to purchase from crop 2019 high quality hops with alpha acid content exceeding Czech average for all varieties, i.e. Saaz, Sládek and Premiant by more than 20%.

Currently we offer following Czech varieties: Saaz, Saaz late, Kazbek, Sládek, Premiant, Agnus, Vital, Bohemie, Harmonie and Rubín