Yeastlife Extra

Packing: 2 kg

Yeastlife Extra is a powder yeast nutrient based on readily available sources of nitrogen blended with additional amino acids, minerals and vitamins. 

Yeastlife Extra contains sources of calcium, magnesium and zinc.

The two main requirements for consistent, predictable fermentations are healthy yeast and a nutriet-balanced wort. It is generally recognised that only wort produced from a well modified, all malt grist approaches these needs, and even this requires supplementation with oxygen and zinc. Yeastlife Extra provides a source of zinc.

Benefits of using Yeastlife Extra are faster fermentation, consistent fermentation and reduced off  flavours.

Treatment rates are typically in the range of 4 - 10 gm/hl. Add to the kettle at end of boil, to the whirlpool, or in line to the wort main. Expiration is up to 18 months if stored at 5-20 °C.