Beer styles: mainly American style ales, can be used for lager 

Origin: Willamette is an aroma variety released in 1976 named after Oregon's river.

Agronomics: 1400-1700 kg/ha, good pickability, small light cones

Alpha acids: 4.0-6.0 %

Beta acids: 3.0-4.0 %

Co-humulone: 30-35 % of alpha acids

Total oil: 1.0-1.5 ml / 100 grams

Aroma: mild, pleasant hoppy

Myrcene: 25-35 % of whole oil

Caryophyllene: 6-8 % of whole oil

Humulene: 20-28 % of whole oil

Farnesene: 5-6 % of whole oil

Brewing characteristic: mild good quality aroma hop

Recommended use and hopping: as pellets type 90 or leaf, second and third hopping