Beer styles: US ales, IPA 

Origin: Pekko is a new US hop variety named for the Finnish God of Field and Crops

Agronomics: NA

Alpha acids: 12.0-16.0 %

Beta acids: 3.5-4.5 %

Co-humulone: 25-30 % of alpha acids

Total oil: 2.1-2.7 ml / 100 grams

Aroma: floral, citrus, pineapple, pears, mint

Myrcene: 40-50 % of total oil

Caryophyllene: 11-14 % of total oil

Humulene: 12-15 % of total oil

Farnesene: ˂1 % of total oil

Brewing characteristic: bitter hops with unique aroma profile

Recommended use and hopping: as pellets type 90, dry hopping