Pacific Gem

Beer styles: various beer styles including European lager styles 

Origin: Pacific Gem is a triploid type alpha variety bred from NZ and US Cluster and Fuggles, released in 1987

Brewing characteristic: typically used as a first hop addition, distinct blackberry aroma

Agronomics: 2000-2700 kg/ha, long compact cone

Alpha acids: 12.5-15.5 %

Beta acids: 7.0-9.0 %

Co-humulone: 37-40 % of alpha acids

Total oil: 1.1-1.3 ml / 100 grams

Myrcene: 30-35 % of whole oil

Caryophyllene: 9-12 % of whole oil

Humulene: 20-25 % of whole oil

Farnesene: <1 % of whole oil

Recommended use and hopping: pellets type 90, first kettle addition