Beer styles: IPA  

Origin: Kohatu is a triploid aroma type variety produced through the crossing of a Hallertau Mittlefruh and a New Zealand male with North American and European parentage

Brewing characteristic: dual purpose hops with fresh tropical fruity aroma

Agronomics: 1500 kg/ha, early maturity with loose cones structure

Alpha acids: 5.0-7.0 %

Beta acids: 4.0-5.0 %

Co-humulone: 18-23.0 % of alpha acids

Total oil: 1.0 ml / 100 grams

Aroma profile: lime, fruity pineapple aroma

Myrcene: 34.0-36.0 % of whole oil

Caryophyllene: 11.0-12.0 % of whole oil

Humulene: 36.0-37.0 % of whole oil

Farnesene: ˂1 % of whole oil

Recommended use and hopping: leaf hops or pellets type 90, third kettle addition, dry hopping